At Image Microsystems, we are united by a shared vision of smarter commerce.

We are a 3PL company that works with you to recover returned, damaged, and surplus goods. We refurbish and repackage your goods and sell them “like new” to your customers or through our wholesale or retail channels. Our custom solutions allow you to determine the disposition of your products in a flexible way that fits your business.

We take part in Green Supply Chain Management

Extending a products life through repairing, reshaping or recycling

Recovering assets that allows manufacturers to extract as much value as possible

Provides a second return on investment

Increasing profit by decreasing material costs

What We Offer Our Partners

Customized solutions to fit your specific needs Decades of retail experience that allows us to deliver what customers want Multiple channels available to move product

Ability to directly sell products through retail, wholesale, or refurbish and fulfill for our partners

For maximum return on your goods, Image Microsystems’ Reverse Logistics program is a customized solution to meet your investment needs.

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